What Is the Most Important Factor in Choosing a Diamond?

What Are the Most Important Factors When Buying a Diamond? – gemsourceinc

Diamonds are pricey, that’s why before buying them you have to look into some factors. Having knowledge about diamonds can help you find a high-quality diamond to buy. You have to look into factors to consider in choosing a diamond ring brand too. 

Most Important Factor in Choosing a Diamond


When buying diamonds it will be best to consider its 4cs. The 4cs are the main elements that can tell if the diamond’s quality is good or not. Here are some details on the 4cs of the diamond:

  • The color of the diamond should be as colorless as possible. Colorless diamonds are pricey and so opting for the next grade which is classified as nearly colorless can be a good option. As long as the diamonds don’t have too much yellow tint then the color grade G to I is fine. 
  • For clarity, it is important to be eye-clean. Meaning the inclusions should not be too obvious and should not affect the brilliance of the diamond. Inclusions may not be avoided unless the diamond is flawless, however flawless diamonds are also rare and expensive. 
  • For the carats, you have to determine how many carats you would like your diamond to be. Take note that diamonds are priced per carat. Be familiar also with the pricing of the diamonds according to shapes. So determining the carats plus the shape for the diamond you plan to buy can give you an idea of how much you will have to budget. 
  • For the cut, it should be excellent since this can affect the durability and longevity of the diamond. Poor cuts can lead to the chipping of the diamond. So when buying make sure that the store has a skilled diamond cutter. 


Diamond certification can assure you of the authenticity of the diamonds you will be buying. Make sure that the jewelry store you will be buying from has certification for each of their diamonds. Otherwise, there might be an issue if they don’t have one. Another thing to consider when checking diamond certifications is the one making the evaluation. Make sure that they are legit ones such as the Gemological Institute of America or American Gem Society.  

Which Diamond Is Best for a Ring?

The most popular diamond being used for rings is the round brilliant diamonds. It is because it can match any personality and this can give the best brilliance among the diamond shapes. They can also fit any setting and any metals. 

How Do You Choose a Good Diamond?

Choosing a good diamond requires you to be familiar with the properties of the diamond, particularly the 4cs. This can serve as your guide in looking for a good diamond. The jewelry store you will be dealing with can also affect the quality of the diamond you will be buying. Make sure they are honest enough and are reputable to the market. 

Which of the 4cs Matter Most

All of the 4cs of the diamonds have an important role in the overall quality of the diamond. However, if you have to choose one, then the cut will top them all. The cut of the diamond can determine the durability so getting a diamond with an excellent cut is important. 

Best Diamond Combination

Colorless, flawless, excellent cut, and bigger carat diamonds are ideal. If you have the money to buy a “perfect” diamond then getting one will be best. However, some people have their own version of the best diamond combination, so they may choose the grades of the diamond they want to have. 

How to Pick a Diamond

To pick the perfect diamond it will be ideal to be a wise buyer and know about the following before purchasing:

  • Be familiar with Diamond Properties
  • Know the average market value of Diamonds 
  • Know which jewelry shop near you offers the best deal for diamonds. 

So what is the most important factor in choosing a diamond? Hope we have enlightened you about this question. Do your part as a buyer so you can be ready to discuss with your diamond seller what diamond you would want to have. Getting ideas before the purchase can save you time and even money.