Routine Car Maintenance: Basic Facts

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Car owners should be knowledgeable on basic car repairs since they will be using their cars often and detecting issues can save their cars from further damages. So as an owner, you should have an idea on Routine car maintenance: basic facts, in that way you will know when to schedule your car maintenance

Why Does Your Car Need Regular Maintenance?

Regular car maintenance is needed to avoid accidents since a malfunction in any part of your car can lead to danger when you are on the road. Apart from that further damage can also be avoided as well as issues are addressed immediately. 

How Often Does Your Car Need Maintenance?

Each part of your vehicle needs regular checking and the following details can help you know if you need to see your mechanic:

Be Familiar With Your Owner’s Manual 

Each vehicle has different configurations which means you have to be familiar with the system of your car by getting familiar with your car’s manual. In the maintenance section of your manual everything you need to know is there. Make sure to always have your manual with you so you can use it as a basis if there is anything unusual with your car. 

Check-in your Tires Monthly

Tires are the one that makes your cars roll on the road. Therefore they have to be conditioned and checked regularly to make sure they have enough pressure on them. Adding air to the tire is known by many car owners however not all know how much air pressure is needed. Getting the right air pressure on your tire can avoid it from blowing up. Plus tires usually need to be rotated after 6,000 miles. However, if the sides are broken you have to replace them.

Changing your oil and oil filter on Schedule

The engine’s oil is so important to act as lubricants on the moving parts to avoid engine parts from grinding against each other. Since this can cause engines to get destroyed. Motor oils that are not regularly changed can be contaminated causing friction then resulting in parts grinding against each other. Inspect All Fluids Cars have a lot of fluids before they can run smoothly. Make it a habit to check on your Car brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluids, and windshield washer fluid.

Check Your Batteries

The thing to check on car batteries is making sure that the connections are airtight, non-corrosive, and neat. Due to environmental factors, there can be build ups that can affect the operation. 

Check on your Wiper Blades

If your wiper blades screech when you let them work it means it’s time to change them. Wiper blades are important to make your visibility clear during bad seasons. They should be changed every 6 months, however, if they get broken or damaged they have to be changed immediately to avoid any risk while using them. 

Check Your Brakes

Checking if your brakes are functional is very important since loose brakes can cause severe accidents. The braking system is composed of brake pads, shoes, drums, rotors, calipers, and brake fluid. Each of them should be checked properly if each needs repairs or replacements. Brake fluid should be replaced per 24,000 to 30,000 miles or 2 to 3 years or depending on what’s written in your car manual.

Check Your Coolants and Other Fluids

Maintaining the temperature under your car’s hood is important. So you will prevent overheating that can damage other car parts. Therefore make sure that your coolant is circulating well within your engine. Plus check on other cars’ fluids too. 

Having knowledge on Routine car maintenance: basic facts might save your life and prevent you from danger. Since it can help you determine if there is something wrong with your car. You may not be a mechanic but knowing if something is off can help you determine if you need to call or visit your mechanic for some repairs or replacement. Placing your car in good condition is also keeping yourself and others in a safe situation. Any malfunction in the car can create chaos, so better be safe by regularly maintaining your car parts. Always make sure you can contact your mechanic just in case you need them.