What to consider before moving to Spain

10 things to know before moving to Spain — idealista

Moving to a new location is not considered the easiest thing to do as it comes with a lot of changes; emotional, physical, and financial. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you do your proper homework before finally deciding the best place to move to. 

Spain is a country known for its friendliness to immigrants. The Spanish government puts the figure of its expat community at about 5.6 million, which makes it one of the highest figures around. The country is loved for its features such as its climate condition, the way of life, culture, and beauty of its citizens. 

One basic point to note before making that final decision to move is; 

Cost of living in Spain

Asides from basic information, you also have to make more detailed investigations regarding the financial implications of moving, this would help you to avoid cases like becoming a defaulter. In this case, investigations into things like what is ASNEF and what can be done to avoid being on such a list are important. 

Spain is considered as one of the European countries with the lowest cost of living. As expected, the cost of living in a place can be said to be quite subjective as it is highly dependent on personal choices. However, living in Spain has been said to be quite lower than many other European countries. It is however also of importance to note that the wages paid here are also low; equivalent to its cost of living. Factors to be considered with costs of living are; 


Food is a basic necessity of life and is considered quite cheap here. Its favourable warm climate seems to be the most attributing factor here. Spain produces a lot of its food; from fruits to vegetables, for both consumption and export. One reason why this is possible is that the country is known to have a long growing season. Hence, locally grown foods are quite cheap to get.

Getting international food however is a different case as you will have to use food delivery services since they are not readily available to everyone. You can decide on the best food delivery service to use by going through reviews on the different delivery services available for use at OpinionesEspana.

Transport system

This is another factor to consider with the cost of living. Spain has a very developed transport system that is also very accessible to the public. This makes having a private car quite unnecessary for people that cannot afford it. In the less remote areas where the transportation is not as developed, major places like shops are easily accessible by leg. 


A lot of cities and towns in Spain have cosy apartments readily available at quite affordable costs. With accommodation often being the largest budget when moving, this comes as a great relief. 

Other basic necessities to tick before moving are;

Being familiar with a bit of their culture and language

This will help you to never be caught off-guard with some of their acts. Of course, you cannot know it all plus you will still have to learn a lot after you move, however being familiar is key. Also, trying to learn the basics of their language can help a lot.