Why does he behave this way. I ended items with him but he just would not wanna depart me by itself or forget about me?

My pals with rewards keeps making contact with me. Sending me Christmas needs by his close friends and cousins telling them to check with me to unblock him. I blocked his ass simply because this nigga has a girlfriend but he instructed me :’I’m not in really like with her. I want her to break up with me. I am in appreciate with you. Actually the enjoy is lifeless there. And we are just in it for our son.’ They have a son alongside one another. And this man in essence told every person his in like with me. We had a quite excellent mates with rewards scenario. We failed to have intercourse significantly. From time to time he would just come see me even when my lady stream is in City. He acquired me a gift for my bday and a chocolate when i was on my time period as he asked me what do you crave when you on your time period but that just transpired not too long ago he never ever completed it in the commencing this was ahead of I got a text from her selection like just a number of months right before.

Like I reliable this person so a lot I confided in him and he was really supportive of me and my enterprise. He would acquire points from me to present his guidance. Favored him.
Just after the text I got from his girlfriend wishing me so lousy on my like daily life and that she will combat me and she claimed she’s his girlfriend And was so impolite but I wasn’t impolite back again I just advised her to go off on him induce i failed to know his an asshole for lying and dishonest and was it really my fault that he cheated on her his the just one who lied to us both of those. So I made the decision I am likely to leave this poisonous circumstance and I blocked him almost everywhere his phone calls, sms’s and whatsapp. So now two of his cousins sent me texts like he requested i should unblock him and they not with each other any longer and his friend texts me much too. He wished me content holidays for the year and that he loves me even even though he mentioned that with his outfits on too and for the duration of sex. He calls regularly but the phone calls get blocked automatically.

I never wanna discuss to him but all I can feel of is he desires to use me for intercourse once again. And im not likely again. Im holding him blocker but he just are not able to go away me on your own.

Did they crack up? And now he wants some yet again?

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Or do you feel his truly sorry and needs to resolve factors.

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Why does he behave this way. I ended points with him but he just doesn’t wanna depart me on your own or forget about about me?

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