Peculiar ruins on Good Island

WELLFLEET--(1/20/21)--The ruins of an old hunting camp off the Great Island trail.

WELLFLEET — I didn’t want to break out the Ouija board, but Randall, my sinister butler and astrologer, insisted. Just after the sixth time he spelled “REDRUM,” I grabbed it away from him. I place my fingers on the planchette (the letter-pointing doo-hickey) and opened my brain to the Good Curious Spirits. Slowly and gradually, this concept was exposed:

“I have experimented with a handful of times to track down the west camp continues to be on Excellent Island that you highlighted in a video clip 6 years back. I have wandered around Terrific Island and identified slash down electrical power line poles but simply cannot look to obtain the structure. Are you in a position to enable me recognize where by that creating is?”

Six yrs in the past? Was that when disco was well-liked? I could not bear in mind what the heck I was up to back again then, other than that beer was very likely associated. I called my biographer, Dusty Tomes, and he stated that I experienced walked out to the close of Good Island in 2014 and stumbled upon a wreck of some form. The actual place was fuzzy, said Dusty.