Learn a new language (or 8) with 82% off this intuitive app

Learning languages should be fun. But even with all the tools available on our smartphone apps, most language systems turn the process into a grind of rote memorization.

Not so with Speakly, a new app that’s getting noticed in media outlets like HuffPost and Steamed. Instead of drilling users on phrases that they’re never likely to use, this system focuses on a few thousand keywords in each of the eight languages it offers. These words are statistically used the most often, which makes them strategically significant to new learners. Speakly users can focus on these touchstones and build a core vocabulary much quicker than on other apps.

With that foundation, you can start learning phrases that will be relevant in nearly any conversation. You can pick your subjects (business, shopping, socializing, etc.) and even the way you want to learn. Type out your words, pick them out in quizzes, or choose from a variety of other methods and track your progress across a range of devices.

Want to start learning today? Macworld readers can get 82% off a lifetime subscription to Speakly.

Speakly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $69.99

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