Keeping it Green sees their business grow during pandemic

HELENA — To say this past year was a struggle would be an understatement.

But, even during the pandemic and economic issues we’ve seen, some small businesses in Helena are growing.

“It’s (Keeping it Green) a great service that people really appreciate, so all of my clients have been wonderful to work with,” said Keeping it Green owner Sarah Pederson.

Keeping it Green sells, and cares for house plants and other office vegetation. It’s a nationwide industry known as Interior Landscaping.

Like all of us, the first days of the pandemic and state-wide shutdowns were hectic and confusing for Sarah. But after a little time went by, she found her business was on some pretty solid ground.

“We’ve seen a pretty significant increase over the last six months or so,” said Pederson. “People are at home, enjoying their house and would like some greenery around. So, they’ve been quite excited about having some nice new fresh things that are different than other places carry in town.”

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Different for sure.

Sarah doesn’t only sell and care for houseplants, but she will also help to make sure you can keep yours alive by educating any customers who may have a not so green thumb.

“You know, people tend to kill their plants with love or torture them with neglect,” said Sarah. “Finding that happy balance with proper lighting, proper watering of plants, I think is the hardest thing.”

Finding a happy balance. That’s pretty good advice for plants, and us humans.