It’s 2021 and These Things in Gaming Want to F**king Alter

3. Hard Travel Dimensions

Come ooonnnn, Sony. You can’t be really serious with this fucking peashooter tough generate you launched the PlayStation 5 with. Right after the OS, you depart the participant with 667GB of usable place? I didn’t realize the dope was that fantastic in Japan (scheduling a flight now). And really don’t imagine I did not discover, Microsoft, that you’ve stocked the Collection X with soda, leftovers, and 802GB. Exceptional. Which is just more than enough place to load the Godfather trilogy and 50 percent of Nickelback’s discography.

Silver linings, guy. at?v=KaVPhFohAXg

2. Nintendo’s On line Assistance

The Swap receives a go on the tricky push dimension. Certainly. But with how badly I’m about to bury Nintendo’s on the web provider, it’ll desire it hadn’t. Simply because it is baffling that in 2021, Nintendo continues to peddle the major piece of shit in all of gaming. For $20 a yr, you’ll have entry to this sort of astounding features as:

No Voice Chat

No Sport Invites

Close friend Codes (lmao)

Sluggish as Balls Link Speeds

Unquestionably No Trophies

And Extra!

Amazing. Fucking amazing. I know individuals enjoy obtaining access to their NES and SNES libraries, and Tetris 99 demands a membership, so you are sort of trapped with receiving it. But if that’s the situation, can we at the very least try to get Nintendo On the web to a issue in which it does not piss me off each time I use it?

1. Shady Developer/Producer Tactics

If you worked on a particular basketball activity final 12 months or probably a match that associated formally accredited fighters in sanctioned MMA contests, you know what you fucking did. Oh, and there was another very little diddy that – after just about a decade of promises – produced on consoles for all people to find it didn’t perform. It was some sort of video game about getting a robot but also obtaining a massive penis.

What I’m getting at is this: If you’re making an attempt to cook the books by delaying your shitty, shameless income-grabs right up until following the critiques appear out, you can go kiss your sister. Unskippable adverts forced into a video game we compensated total rate for? A game released with the powers-that-be being aware of whole properly that it doesn’t operate on the very consoles it had been marketed on? What a unsafe fucking trend of shitty business tactics.

With that staying claimed, I’d possibly do it far too if it intended I could slumber on a bed of money.

Reward. The Console Scarcity

Can we get some fucking PS5s in inventory? Be sure to?

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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