2021 – Looking Ahead: You can make 2021 as good or not as you like

The year 2020 was an eventful year, to put it mildly. Each one of us experienced unique challenges, and felt as if things were falling apart. The new year is about repair, picking up the pieces and using the lessons learnt in 2020 to make our future better. A careful reassessment of our values in relation to how we live, and a willingness to work on ourselves and change for the better is the key theme of the new year. We must focus on improvement, even if the process may be slightly uncomfortable. Let’s dig deep into our reserves of determination, and try not to give up before we reach a breakthrough.

Being malleable about perspectives when necessary, choosing our battles wisely, and standing our ground will help us make the most of what this year has to offer us. Self-limiting beliefs can be worked through; thankfully, we will not feel as trapped as we did in 2020. For those of us who feel we have to start from scratch, let’s look at it as an opportunity to build the life we really want for ourselves. All in all, 2021 will be a year which will be as good or blah as we decide to make it.

Make family a priority, even if busy


March 21 – April 19

Annual snapshot Finances and relationships should be the focus this year. Make it a point to be proactive with investing, and make the most of opportunities. Pay attention to the way you communicate at work, and reign in impulsive behaviour. Those who are up for a promotion will have to work hard for it. The self-employed need to be extremely practical, and quick to make the best of situations. Travel for work only if absolutely necessary. Singles are in a positive phase, and should allow themselves to be set up on blind dates without overthinking or stressing about finding ‘the one’. You may be connecting with family members who live in another city, or abroad a lot more. Make your family a priority, even if you are very busy. Your spouse/partner will not appreciate being neglected. Those prone to bladder and kidney issues need to take a little extra care. Make sure you drink enough water.

Look to change Your knack of getting lost in dreamy imagination. Channel your thoughts to make your goals a reality. Your intuition will tell you which risks are worth taking, and not. You can achieve what you want, if you blend your dreams with good advice from people who have been proven to be trustworthy. Break your goals into small, achievable steps, and handle them one step at a time. You are only limited by self-created blocks.

Leverage your power to Make plans. Sticking to them will serve you well this year. Keeping the enthusiasm going, even during challenging moments will not be hard if you remain focused on what you want to achieve. You could ask a friend or family member to keep you accountable, if you find your enthusiasm dipping, or sign up with a group (virtual even) with similar goals.

Look forward to Improved relationships. Provided you are willing to put in the effort it takes. You intuitively know what you need to do to improve your equations with people and will find wonderful reciprocity if you make the effort. A big part of this process would be about letting go of the past, and not allowing it to influence you in the present. Recognise old habits and patterns.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Be gentle with yourself while working hard at the same time, and acknowledge how far you have come.

Achieve what you want with decisiveness


April 20 – May 20

Annual Snapshot A change in perspectives and clarity of focus will be the theme this year. Family and relationships matter a lot to you, and you will spend time seriously re-evaluating your emotional connections. Singles must not isolate themselves, even if they are completely cynical about love and marriage. Be open to meeting new people without any agenda in mind. Speak up for yourself at work, but make sure it is in an appropriate manner. Self-employed businesspersons should be careful that their stubbornness does not get them into legal complications. Finances should be steady, if you have already worked on them the previous year. Those with any pre-existing health issues need to take a little extra care of themselves without going to extremes. Though the year may bring surprises and twists, you will get the help and support you need to see you through. Stay away from negativity and gossip as much as possible.

Look to change Your goals, if required. You do not lack willpower, but a shift in focus may be what is needed. Stay positive, and take some time to visualise what you want in detail, always keeping the larger picture in mind. You will be able to achieve whatever it is you want, but may sometimes need to be decisive. Keep believing in yourself, and make it a point to help those less fortunate.

Leverage your power to Systematically chip away at obstacles standing between you and your goals. You may realise in the process, that many blocks are self-created. You will also learn a lot about yourself and your real motivations, which may surprise you. Looking at situations holistically will give you a broader view, and help you look further into the future, making better choices. Use your legendary Taurean stubbornness to single mindedly do what you need to do to improve your circumstance, and achieve your goals, however big or small.

Look forward to Reaping the rewards of your hard work, and perhaps getting a bit of the recognition you deserve. You will have to learn to use your time efficiently and make the choices needed to get work done in the best way possible. You will now have clarity, and can make even difficult decisions without agonising over them too much. This process of transformation may be subtle, and you may not realise that it is taking place.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip True peace comes from remembering that you can love others only to the extent that you love yourself.

Let go of past, intuition will guide you


May 21 – June 20

Annual snapshot Circumstances may push you to make decisions you may have tried to avoid in the past. Those with slightly strained equations with loved ones and partners must make an effort to build bridges, rather than distance themselves. Treat them with the affection you want from them. Single individuals should avoid connecting with too many people at the same time. This is a positive time for working with team mates, and on international projects. Be meticulous with documentation and paperwork, especially legal documents. Do not make impulsive financial decisions, and take proper advice before making big investments. Those leading a sedentary life must make time for regular exercise.

Look to change The manner in which your desires and fantasies pose a conflict to self-fulfilment. Take ownership of your personal idiosyncrasies and work on changing what needs to be changed. Trying to pull off a juggling act will not work for long, and you will eventually need to prioritise. Though this process may feel uncomfortable, it will lead to genuine transformation, and a feeling of real fulfilment if you stick with it patiently.

Leverage your power to Move on from the past and get on with the job of doing what you need to do. Letting the past define you will only leave you feeling stuck and miserable. Your intuition will guide you to the right choices, but you do need to maintain a sense of humour through the process. Do not be hard on yourself, accept what needs to change. Reframe issues, visualise positive outcomes, and act swiftly.

Look forward to Changes and opportunities. Embrace them with open arms. It is the only way to improve your circumstances. You have the intelligence to know what needs to be done, and all that is required is a push in the right direction. This will bring you emotional fulfilment at a completely different level, and impact every aspect of your life. The future is good if you approach it from the right perspective.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Trust yourself and act on genuine inner convictions that come from sentiment instead of ego.

Take a practical view, not emotional one


June 21 – July 22

Annual snapshot Putting in your very best is important this year, even during uninspired moments. This is a year filled with challenges, small setbacks and successes too. It all depends on how you handle the situation you find yourself in. Your marriage/relationship will need a little extra work. Try and take time off together and do things you enjoy. Singles should not walk away from a possible relationship just because they are not in the mood. Attend workshops and training sessions (even if online) to improve your work skills. Do not be impulsive in money matters, or take a loan you will not be able to repay. Make sure you get enough rest if you feel unwell. It’s best not to let a niggling health issue build up into something worse. How this year turns out depends largely on the manner in which you will approach it.

Look to change Your levels of patience. Rather than get into situations from an emotional standpoint, make the most of synchronicities and coincidences. Emotional reactions will complicate matters unnecessarily. Take a practical view even if taking an emotional stand seems the “right” response. Take a step back every time you feel yourself getting wound up and ready to lash out.

Leverage your power to Function from a space of centredness and peace. Acceptance will bring about healing, which will lead to transformation. This in turn, will help you establish and maintain better connections both, in your personal and professional life. The way you feel directly affects the manner in which you communicate. What you say, and how you say it is equally important. You can nurture or injure relationships with your communication.

Look forward to Goals getting accomplished, and success coming your way once you take the initiative and put in the work needed. Those who want to take their career to the next level will see opportunities come their way, but they should recognise them and not give into fear and doubt. Enormous growth is possible, if you are willing to take the steps needed to work with challenges more effectively. Remember that every end leads to a new beginning – this is an irrevocable law of life.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Your dreams need nurturing, patience and practical action for them to materialise.

Keep finances, accounts in order


July 23 – August 22

Annual snapshot Look at situations from a realistic perspective instead of a rose-tinted one. The past has only as much power over you as you choose to give it, but you do need to make it a point not to repeat mistakes. Working with other people both, professionally and in your personal life is highlighted, and you could be dealing with stressful situations because of difference in opinion. Self-employed businesspersons should build their business further, only if the foundation is strong. Keep your accounts and finances in order. This is a positive time for those who want to relocate overseas, both for a short time, and permanently, as you could start the planning process. Relationships will improve if you decide you want them to, and do what is needed. Singles could meet a potential partner, but should be sure about what they want before making a decision. Avoid speeding while driving or riding a bike.

Look to change Your habit of holding onto a perceived insult or hurt. Letting go is sometimes the only way to move forward. Why give undue importance to people who do not really matter. Getting stuck in ego issues will not sort out problems, and could turn people against you. This will make them unhelpful and unwilling to consider your point of view, even when you are right.

Leverage your power to Make the best of all situations. There may be a few moments where you feel life is unfair, but you can actually turn the situation around if you handle it well. Be discrete in your actions, and keep the larger picture in mind. You do have the reserves of courage to handle whatever life throws at you; challenges will only make you stronger and better experienced.

Look forward to Getting support and help when you need it, if you are willing to ask for it. You will experience shifts in situations, and though these will ultimately be for the best, the process may not be comfortable. Reaching a place of stability and peace will be through a process, and you should make sure to get the support of the right people.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Follow your passions, but keep them grounded in reality and practicality.

Single? Look for stability, not excitement


August 23 – September 22

Annual snapshot A change in perspective will give you the advantage of looking at different ways to deal with situations that are in status quo. Acting impulsively could lead to regrets, especially at the workplace. Try and maintain a cordial equation with colleagues, even the ones you do not like too much. Self-employed businesspersons would have to work extra hard to get the results they want. Finances should be stable, and you need to make well thought out choices. Find the balance in your relationship and do not take your spouse or partner for granted. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. Singles should look for stability in potential new relationships, and not excitement. Take a little extra care of your health, and make the lifestyle changes you need to. This may involve moderating your fitness routine to suit your specific needs, based on your age and health.

Look to change The need to seek validation from others, which may make you do something only because of how it will be perceived. Focus instead on giving your best to everything you do, and making connections that are meaningful instead of superficial. This will need a mindset more geared to give than be focused on what is in it for you. Look at challenges as opportunities.

Leverage your power to Continue learning and growing with every experience that comes your way. A flexible approach which allows you to appreciate the fact that there is more than one way of looking at a situation would serve you well. Openness and adaptability would mean you can make the most of every situation, and even learn from the not so pleasant ones. Making personal growth the focus will take your capabilities to a new level, which will impact both your personal and professional life.

Look forward to An increased ability to problem solve, and opportunities to improve/hone your skills. You should, with practice, be able to achieve a certain level of detachment from drama unfolding around you, and this will help you handle personal and professional situations more effectively. You would be able to build tenacity, which would make you less susceptible to getting influenced by opinions.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Take action when you have an inspired idea, even if it seems out of the box.

You can expect success, fewer setbacks


September 23 – October 22

Annual snapshot More success and fewer setbacks will make this a generally good year. Projects at work will slowly fall into place, and you should use all downtime to look at improving your skillset. Work on your communication with colleagues and juniors, keeping your designation in mind. The self-employed will need to manage resources very efficiently, and not allow unnecessary waste, even if minor. Pay attention to the way documents are worded if you are working with international clients. Focus on long term investments, and make sure you pay your taxes on time. Listen to your intuition when handling any family matter, and stay out of situations that don’t concern you, even if a relative wants to drag you into it. Singles looking for a match online need to ensure they have relevant and correct information about anyone they want to date seriously. Consult a doctor without delay if you have any health issues related to the reproductive system.

Look to change Any impulses that goad you into doing what you know is wrong, even if it feels good in the moment. This is a good time to work on any habits or addictions you know need to go, and you will get the support you need if you actually start working on it. Shedding the old is the only way to change, and although challenging, it will be worth it.

Leverage your power to Consciously self introspect and spend time on understanding yourself and your motivations, which will help you make better and more holistic decisions. This will in turn help you leverage your connections and social network in the right manner. Your self confidence will improve, and you will be able to handle uncertainty in a better manner, with clarity and focus. This would help you in your interactions with bosses and authority figures.

Look forward to Rapid progress, and situations getting sorted out relatively quickly. Choices and decisions will be made without agonising over them too much. Your creativity will be high, and you should be able to juggle responsibilities, and overcome obstacles using your willpower. Any lifestyle changes you make will show results—for the better or the worse, depending on the choices you make. You will be able to completely take control of your inner life.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Honour your sensitivity and feelings, but do not get lost in them.

You’ll see consequence of every choice clearly


October 23 – November 21

Annual snapshot Change can only happen if you decide to allow it to, and not give in to fear. Thinking too much about the past could cause a little confusion. Don’t allow it to take over. Relationships will need a little extra attention, and some amount of acceptance, especially regarding a spouse or partner. Singles may feel a little ambivalent and should not push themselves too much, especially if they are using dating apps. Make the most of every opportunity at work, and don’t be afraid to speak up in the appropriate manner when you know you are right. The self-employed are in a positive phase, and should focus on growing their career. Spread investments out in an intelligent manner. Those who are high net worth need to ensure they pay the correct amount in taxes. Focus on improving your health in a holistic manner instead of focusing simply on weight loss or achieving a certain look.

Look to change Any tendency to rush into situations impulsively, taking a cautious, deliberate approach to challenges you face instead. Learn to wait for the right moment to take action, even if it means being patient when you would rather take strong action. There are times when you have to let things be, and let go of the need to control what is happening. Take a step back when it is
needed for clarity.

Leverage your power to Gain the right amount of detachment needed to handle situations effectively. This does not mean you need to become neglectful or nasty. Though empathy towards others is important, your emotional ties can make you disregard certain truths. Weigh pros and cons carefully while making decisions, be patient, and choose wisely. Listen to what people have to say with compassion, but stay out of drama—even if it is family drama which you feel you can’t avoid.

Look forward to Having more choices, and seeing the consequences of each choice with clarity. You will know what to do with surprising clarity, if you manage to quiet the chatter in your mind. Finding the inner strength to assert yourself when needed with authority will not be too difficult, and you will have an enhanced feeling of autonomy. Even making difficult choices will not be as challenging as in the past, as you would know what is the right thing to do.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Take back your power and use it to manifest blessings in your life.

Be cautious with investments


November 22 – December 21

Annual snapshot New beginnings will be the result of past effort, and you must use initial momentum effectively. Work on your equation with your family, especially your father or father figure. You have the opportunity to deepen your bond with your spouse or partner, but you do need to make the effort required. Singles looking for an arranged match should not rush, or allow themselves to get pushed into making a choice. Make all professional or career decisions only after careful thought. Self employed businesspersons are in a positive phase, provided they learn to work with the situation they find themselves in. Be cautious in money matters and investments. You could make a not very good choice if you don’t vet the investment opportunity properly or become greedy. Take a little extra care of your cardiac health by exercising regularly, and eating healthy, especially if there is a history of heart or circulation related health issues in the family.

Look to change Taking on any unnecessary responsibilities or pressure which serves no purpose. Time management is a skill you might want to work on a little more. Those who tend to feel unsettled and uncertain might want to shift their focus inward rather than on superficial things. Going within, and spending time in a little soul searching will give you clarity if that is what you are lacking. Change your approach instead of expecting the world to change.

Leverage your power to Persevere even when situations are challenging and you’d rather give up. You are capable of much more than you think, and will surprise yourself at what you can achieve with determination. If you find yourself faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, break it down into smaller, more achievable steps. Look at the larger picture, and take a step at a time without stressing about reaching your goal.

Look forward to Achieving your immediate goals with careful thought, and flexibility when needed. You would have much more control over your life through the choices you make, and will be able to see the consequences of your choices with clarity. Limbo situations which are because of circumstances beyond your control will ease up, and you will find yourself moving forward very clearly. This, in turn, could potentially bring in newer opportunities you might have not considered earlier.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Get rid of the clutter in your life, both in the physical space, and emotional.

Try staying physically fit


December 22 – January 19

Annual snapshot Make it a conscious choice to think your decisions through instead of reacting from habit. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be comfortable, and you might want to do things to show your appreciation instead of remaining in an easy rut. Singles could get into conversation with someone living in another city or country. Friends are important to you, and you should make an extra effort to remain connected to them. Clarity and focus is important at work, as you might impulsively take on more than you can handle. Those in a creative profession may find inspiration in the most unlikely of places—expand your horizons, and perhaps take up a new hobby. Those with multiple sources of income (including income from investments) must maintain their accounts meticulously. Those who need to lose a little weight should take the matter seriously, as Capricorns in general could put on weight easily this year.

Look to change Your tendency to harbour inner demons, especially any focusing on resentment. Life may not have always been what you consider fair, but remaining stuck in emotions that don’t support growth will not change what has happened. Use your experiences to learn about yourself and what really drives you, the answer to which, may be a surprise to some. A shift in perspective will be the first step in understanding what you need to work on.

Leverage your power to Continue learning and growing through the experiences life has in store for you. Display flexibility and willingness to let go of control will make the whole process easier. Make courageous decisions based on what you know is right rather than what is the easy thing to do. Your fears can be your best friends, because they tell you exactly where you need to put work in. The process may be frightening at times, but the result will be worth it.

Look forward to Situations transforming as you work on them with focus. You will have the energy to put in the work needed, and be able to see opportunities when they appear. The correct choices can bring in more opportunities, and a feeling of optimism which should be channelled correctly. Your intuition, if you decide to work on it would be high, and the more you pay attention to it, the sharper it will become.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Be courageous, and stand up for what you believe in.

Match spending to suit circumstance


January 20 – February 18

Annual snapshot Focus on what you need to do, rather than hold regrets over the past. Any changes out of your control will work out for the best if you handle them correctly, without taking an emotional stand. Working with colleagues may be slightly challenging, and you need to keep the larger picture in mind. Match your spending habits to suit your circumstances, always keeping financial goals in mind. Those going through a rough patch in their marriage or relationship should not make impulsive decisions. Singles need to be sure about what they really want. Avoid getting into competitive situations unnecessarily, and focus on yourself rather than on what other people are doing. Pay attention to your emotional and physical health. Consistency in the fitness routine would be important, and Aquarians who are very busy need to schedule time for exercise, making it a habit, almost like brushing their teeth.

Look to change Any identification you feel with a persona that you have created to mask the real you. Take a look at the way you approach life, and work on getting rid on preconceived notions you harbour. Though you may not be able to change situations you find yourself in, you do have control over how you respond to them. Changing your thought process will change your life in a manner that could surprise you.

Leverage your power to Use your imagination, but take practical steps to achieve your goals. Your future is in your hands, though there might be hard choices ahead for some Aquarians. Your friends can be a source of strength if you are willing to accept their help. Keep an open mind and have faith in a higher power that can guide you in the right direction if you stay still and listen. Don’t give up just before you reach a breakthrough.

Look forward to Clarity of thought and the ability to see the larger picture when you are uncertain about what to do. You might want to reassess what matters to you, and align with that instead of following the same old thought pattern. You would have the opportunity to deepen relationships that matter, and build stronger bonds with the people you love. Any fears will not manifest unless you actually do something to trigger the situation.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Every situation holds a hidden blessing that you will understand in time.

Nurture your dreams with care


February 19 – March 20

Annual snapshot Looking at situations from a different perspective would be essential, and you need to be willing to change your opinions if necessary. A busy schedule at work may mean you have to make extra effort to maintain an equation with your spouse/partner. Singles should avoid going back or reconnecting with someone from their past. Colleagues at work might give you a few stressful moments, and you would need to be assertive in a professionally appropriate manner. The self-employed could consider a new opportunity, but only if it makes financial sense. Be very careful with investments and money matters. Be careful with your account passwords and pins, as there is a possibility of hacking. Those prone to respiratory issues need to take a little extra care. This is a good time to work on getting rid of a negative habit.

Look to change Avoid isolating yourself and slipping into feelings of pessimism when life feels overwhelming. You may have doubts, but working towards them would give you clarity. Those who feel they have been wronged by someone they trusted should work on forgiveness and healing. Have the patience and wisdom to choose wisely, keeping emotional extremes out of the process. Do not allow yourself to get into a negative spiral.’

Leverage your power to Focus on what needs to be done, no matter the distractions you are experiencing. Your ability to dig your heels in and work hard will serve you well, especially in challenging situations. You would have clarity, but the decisions you need to make may not be easy ones, and there are no easy answers either. Listen to your inner voice to know what you need to do, even if you would rather do the opposite.

Look forward to Your creative energy flowing, and a sense of purpose in the challenges you face. You will get advice and help from mentors and friends, but you need to follow through on the advice. Key people will be helpful if you approach them at the right moment, and in the right manner. Projects you take up will be successful, even if you have to put in a little extra hard work to see them through.

Post-pandemic worldly wise tip Be patient and nurture your dreams like you would take care of a delicate plant.

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