Five Things You Need to Know About Inventory Optimization Software

When managing a business, you must be careful with your inventory. You may plan to keep your inventory by hand, but you should turn to software that does the work for you. There are five things you must know about this technology. Your business depends on you using the best technology, but you must know how to employ that technology. Work your way through each step to ensure your inventory is correct, accessible, and easy to manage.

1. Inventory Optimization Software Automates Everything

Inventory optimization software should automate everything you do. Inventory programming is a massive system you should use to manage everything from the paper clips in the office to massive parts used in the field. Train your staff to use the system, and scan everything into the inventory system.

In this way, you automatically see these items appear on your inventory. For example, an HVAC company that sends technicians into the field needs parts for quick repairs. When the technician does not have the part on hand, they can check the system. If your warehouse team scans new deliveries in the morning, the technician will see that the part just arrived.

2. Field Technicians Need Access

When you send people into the field, they need access to your inventory at all times. If you work with local utility companies, you need parts immediately. Power grids, water lines, sewer systems, or worse could break down if you do not have the necessary parts. Your team should have access to the system on their phones, minicomputers, or laptops.

When the team can check quickly, they can go to the warehouse, have someone bring the part to their location, or place a new order.

3. Ordering Through The New System

You can place orders through the system, and the inventory system will note that you placed an order. At the same time, the system notes when the order shipped, when it should arrive, and adds the part to your inventory upon arrival. For example, your team is working in the field, and they can take quick action. Customers have peace of mind when they know the part is coming, and you can even provide customers with a receipt for the order.

Most companies also use a system like this to allow multiple people in different locations to place orders. The system can collect orders at the end of the day, submit them all at once, and save money. You can also set up the system to alert a member of your staff to review these orders.

4. Tax Savings

You will save money at the end of the year when you have control of your inventory. You can easily add information from this system to your tax returns, and you can print reports without any trouble. Most companies must collect information throughout the year to make quarterly tax payments. Additionally, you must be sure that your inventory is correct. You can verify this information as your staff scans each item in stock. The software compares that information to the ledger, and you will know if there are any discrepancies.

You also need a program that allows you to print reports that show trends in your ordering or usage. If you use too many parts, you can determine why. You can order more parts if you tend to run out quickly, and you can negotiate prices for parts that you order frequently or in bulk quantities.

5. You Can Change At Any Time

You can change to a new inventory system at any time. Transfer your information to a new platform when you want better results. Your business depends on these systems to help you save money, organize your stock, and assist your staff. When you make a change, you can work with a consultant to seamlessly transfer that information and continue your work. There is no need to shut down your business when making a change.

You should also teach your staff how to use the new system before going back to work. Host a seminar with your software consultant so that everyone knows what to do, and you should also host a seminar for your managers because they need to know how to use the administrative side of the program.

You Can Keep Your Inventory With Confidence

You can keep your inventory with help from these software programs. Do not try to keep your inventory manually because that is too difficult. You can also ensure that you have access to all your stock at any time. Your team can work without asking too many questions, and they can places orders as needed. Your business functions without needing to approve every new part. Plus, your team can bring new parts to work locations, access the inventory in an emergency, and improve the customer experience.